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The X-Factor Revolution. Natures Missing Link To a Disease-Free Life

I am the publisher of The X-Factor Revolution: Nature's "Missing Link" to a Disease-Free Life.

There's a discovery of a “forgotten vitamin,” that has the power to prevent and treat bone loss, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

This is something you need to find out. It will affect you and everyone you know... your parents, your friends, your kids... EVERYONE.

The story starts back in 1930s, when a doctor from Ohio left his practice in search of the real cause of the degeneration and disease he saw in his patients.

Traveling around the world and living with Native cultures, he discovered their diet contained an unknown nutrient he called the “X-Factor.” And when the natives stayed true to their native diets, the presence of the X-Factor kept them disease free for life.

But when they started eating a Western diet that was missing this “X-Factor,” they started to fall victim to heart disease, bone loss and cancer... just like we do.

Turns out this X-Factor was “hiding” in the organ meat and butter fat our ancestors thrived on, but we don’t eat anymore.

Now there’s a simple, easy way to get this lost nutrient back into our diet WITHOUT having to eat organ meat or hunt for our food.

The power of the X-Factor is off the charts:

•Scrubs your arteries clear of the dangerous plaque that clog your blood vessels and lead to heart attack.

•Strengthens your bones and slashes your risk of osteoporosis.

•Kills specific kinds of cancer cells without harming the healthy cells around them.

•Protects your brain from senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

•Reduces inflammation and fight arthritis.

•Normalizes your blood sugar and protect against diabetes.

•“Activates” the critical vitamins A and D, making them stronger and more effective.

The research is impressive and well documented, but it’s been largely overlooked and quietly pushed into the background by the big drug companies who are afraid of igniting another “vitamin D miracle,” like we had a few years ago.

As you’ll see, many doctors believe this could be even more powerful than vitamin D.

And I STRONGLY believe this is something you should know about.

I’m skeptical of the word “breakthrough” but this story so compelling I consider it a “must read.” It’s the closest thing to real hope I’ve seen in a long time.

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